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Urban Taxi Services 

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Urban Taxi Services, a taxi is now quicker than ever with our latest Urban Taxi app for iPhone and Android devices available on Apple Store and Google Play Via a direct connection to our 24/7 live booking system, you can book, track & pay for your taxi at the touch of a button.
With the extra safety of knowing the details of the vehicle that has been dispatched to you (Registration No. etc), you can be certain that both the vehicle & driver are fully licensed & insured.
Our app automatically calculates your position via GPS, making it ideal for tourists and visitors who may be unfamiliar with the local area as well as regular users.
Register your card details on the app and pay for your taxi instantly upon completion of your journey.
Using our app gives you instant access to the same reliable, local and unparalleled service that you have come to expect from Urban Taxi Services.
The app will enable you to:
  • Conveniently book a taxi for ASAP or in the future. 
  • Get a fare estimate for your journey.
  • Pay for your journey with a registered debit or credit card.
  • Create and manage your favourite addresses/locations.
  • Manage/view previous bookings.
  • Book in advance.
  • Track the real-time progress of your vehicle on a map.
  • Calculation of your location via GPS and maps.

Why Wait? Download your free Urban Taxi App from Google Play and Apple Store today.


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